Milosc, Blues & Rock n’ Roll

March 25, 2017 @ 8:00 am

We invite you to the THIRD event in this series – SONGS FROM THE HEART – in the ever romantic…??☮️✌️– PIWNICA U DZIADKA . This year’s event is inspired by a “Love Child” theme, combined with classic ROCK-AND-ROLL .
The idea was born as usual, on the road, between trips to rehearsals and meetings at Polish Home.

Since New Year’s, a new spark of collaboration with the *KWADRAT* group lead to the creation of this year’s idea of a – Woodstock – theme program. Together we hope to define a new common language of expression for this new union.

AGA & THAT MAN – that is our own guitarist – Piotrek Bernasiuk and vocalist – Agneiszka Agnes Jeleniewska. Their collaboration began months ago, and will finally make its much awaited debut on our stage.

*Piwnica U Dizadka* will also take part in the program – with a variety of love themed songs and the like. As of recently we had the pleasure of working with a new guitarist, the very talented – Michal Glogowski. And we are happy to once again host some of our favorite guests – Misia and Alex Goral.
Please join us on March 25, as we once again hope to entertain you with our rendition of our, and your, favorite love songs. Come one and all!